Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Limited Edition

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To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Crystal Head Vodka has partnered with renowned American painter, John Alexander to create the first of their limited-edition 'Artist Series Collection' - the aptly named, Crystal Head John Alexander. Born in Beaumont, Texas, John Alexander is a renowned painter known for his satirical figurative work. Described by the Smithsonian Museum as a 'profusion of energy and vitality', Alexander's art has been exhibited in many prestigious institutions. John was also awarded the Guild Hall Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. And, as if the bottle wasn't already eye-catching enough, Crystal Head's new edition features Alexander's expressive oil on canvas painting ‘Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life,’ currently housed at the Dallas Museum of Art. This expressive and vivid design is the result of skillful artisinal baking by one of three highly skilled craftsmen in Milan, who rendered this evocative painting in three dimensions to bring new depth to the piece. Beautiful. With less than 3,000 bottles available in the U.K., this limited-edition piece is a beautiful and unique piece of affordable art. A must-have for any collector. 

70cl bottle